DATA Assessment Tool

We have developed a Digital Application Tool for Assessments (DATA) that we use to help accelerate our client assessments. It is a very flexible tool that can be used assess implementations, perform requirements analysis, and other similar evaluation efforts.

The process starts by gathering data about your People, Process and Technology. This data is entered into our DATA Tool for analysis. Inside the tool, parameters are set that allow our team to customize the settings for your needs. This includes settings for criticality, prioritization, and custom inputs that are specific to your organizational structure, business processes, and technical environment. The DATA Tool produces data that is easily transformed into heat maps, scatter and bar charts, reports and other graphical representations that are used to understand and help tell the story of what is important to your enterprise.

System Selections

The selection of a new system is one of the most difficult decisions you will make for your enterprise. This is especially true of ERP systems because of the cost and time they take to implement. One of the best practices in choosing any system is to identify your requirements prior to engaging the system vendors. This ensures that your selection process is led by your requirements and not the bells and whistles of the vendor solution.

We deploy our DATA Tool to help you identify and appropriately prioritize your requirements, so that you are clear about what is important to your enterprise. This includes more than just how well the system functionality and architecture meets your requirements and the upfront purchase and maintenance costs. Our methodology of evaluating People, Process and Technology helps you analyze the complementary costs of implementing the system, such as staff training, business process and organizational changes that will be required, and the costs of converting and cleansing your data. Then we implement our system selection methodology to help you develop a Request for Proposal that reflects these requirements. The output from the DATA Tools helps you make an “apples-to-apples” comparison of each vendor and ultimately short-list and select the right system for your needs.

Post-implementation Assessments

We understand that not every solution implementation goes as planned. Our expertise with ERP and other enterprise solutions provides the know-how to help you assess the effectiveness of your implementation. We use the DATA Tool to help us effectively organize and analyze the assessment data you provide. The output is a data set that we use to develop a list of prioritized, actionable recommendations that we help you implement to get the most out of your implementation.

Requirements Analysis

Whenever we analyze requirements during an implementation, we use the DATA Tool to help us evaluate the key People, Process and Technology factors that are critical to the success of your project. This helps us assess the data that is used to support your implementation decisions. Our output can be used to more accurately estimate and plan the configuration of your system and its integration with other legacy applications. Having this information early in the implementation process can help you avoid costly customizations and delays that often derail system implementations.

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