Solution Architecture

We provide Project and Program Management solutions to ensure our Data Services are designed to fit your needs and implemented to solve your problem.

  • Managed Services:

Continuous improvement requires continuous attention. Our Managed Services help you focus on what is most important. We provide expert guidance and resources in real-time, along with needed insights and suggested improvements.

  • Cloud Services

Cloud computing has become a critical infrastructure for business and IT. The emphasis of value has moved from the ability of an enterprise to navigate technology shifts to the ability to elegantly compose technology within a governance framework. We will support your enterprise through all phases of the cloud adoption journey and bring complementary capabilities in data and security services.

Data Climb brings vast experience as an extension of your team to allow you more time, greater flexibility, and continuous innovation around your cloud initiatives. We will work with your teams as expert guides, providing planning, support, and data-driven recommendations.

  • Enterprise Cloud Migration

We enable enterprises to take the first step in the cloud journey by rapidly and efficiently moving applications and data to the cloud. We deploy migration strategies that help quickly realize the Return on Investment you would expect from cloud migrations.

  • Cloud-Native Development

We provide cloud application services to develop new cloud-native applications, or to re-platform and re-factor existing applications for new target clouds. This enables companies to accelerate time-to-market, while saving development costs.

  • Identity, Access and Security

With the proliferation of technology and usage of data in today’s business, accurate user identification has become a critical need. Business models and consumer habits continue to evolve. This has made most businesses dependent on and enabled by technology platforms.

As businesses grow beyond the current boundaries, regulations and privacy concerns are force more responsibility with customer data. Identity and security are integral as companies utilize the reach and elasticity of cloud platforms. Systems that enable a business to expand its knowledge of customer identity in an agile, secure, and privacy-aware method thus become the driver of business growth.

Data Climb’s security expertise helps our customers deliver value and protect customer data when composing technology for the digital transformation.

  • Identity & Access Modernization (IAM)

We can help you development and implement your IAM Strategy perform Assessments. We can also help with the transformation of your Identity Governance and Access Platform. We provide the roadmaps for moving your identity infrastructure to leverage cloud offerings that improve your security posture, operational efficiency and reduce overall risk.

  • Data Access Governance & Privacy

Our Data Access Governance and Privacy services help you manage risk and meet regulations in an increasingly privacy aware business environment. We help organizations with discovery, classification and tagging of data assets, and the setup of a governance model.

  • Project and Program Management

We provide Project and Program Management solutions to ensure our Data Services are designed to fit your needs and implemented to solve your problem. Whether we integrate into your overall Project Management Office or function as an independent project, we deploy standard methodologies that ensure that the job is done right with high-quality deliverables that meet your needs.